About Me

My name is Tara Clater and I attended Wellspring School of Allied Health, studying massage therapy in 2017/2018 however this type of work has been my inner passion for most of my life. 

I would like to tell you a little about what massage means to me. It is my deepest intent to facilitate healing in every person I touch. It is important to me to hear what my client’s expectations are and to gather feedback about their massage experience. I believe that when you pay for a service such as massage it should be tailored to meet your needs. I want to deliver the type of therapy that is the best fit and most beneficial to your mind and body. Communication is key, but don’t worry, we can get that out of the way prior to your massage so you are able to relax and unwind during your session. 

I believe that because I am deeply intuitive I am able to connect with and understand the body in a natural way. I begin each massage grounded and focused on connecting with my client during our session. Enough about me already, give me a call so I can learn about you!